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Applicable for All Systems
Automatic Transfer Bar Load/Unload System This option offers a fully automated bar change system. The bars are automatically parked, disconnected then reconnected and aligned without the need for manual interaction. This option includes all fully automatic mechanical, electrical and pneumatic connections.
Stationary / Removable Parking Posts Set of four stationary parking posts mounted on common plate of die or on bolster surface. Installation, alignment and successful tryout included when purchased and installed with transfer system.
Teach Pendant Control (LCD Display): LTA transfer system is controlled via the SCADA system located at the operator console. However, if remote control of the transfer axes is required, LTA offers a remote Teach pendant.
Press Pad Installation Typically this is the customer’s responsibility to ensure that the press pads (required to mount the transfer system to the side of the press) are installed as per GA provided by LTA. LTA can be hired to do this.
Remote Diagnostics Option (Standard):
Recipe Optimization Linear Transfer Automation can review motion envelope and optimize angle distribution to maximize throughout.
Transfer Bar Tooling/Transfer Bars Prepared & Assembled This option is required, to wire, plumb and prepare and assembly the blank transfer bars with the Syron receivers.
Die Analysis
Pendant Console Feature
Servo Part Rotation / Translations
Tooling Startup Support Package


Applicable for FR-Series & MD-Class Series
Transfer Bar Tilt System This option offers the advantage of keeping existing tooling on the bar during die changeover, and allows the user to run a variety of tooling sets from one set of transfer bars. This mechanism can tilt to a 90-degree angle once retracted. The result is a versatile and cost effective solution for running a wide variety of dies or tooling methods.
Auxiliary Transfer Lift – Z2 (MD / FR) – One Side: The standard LTA transfer unit now is equipped with 30” of stroke. Depending on press stroke and shut height, this is often satisfactory to extract the transfer unit out of the way for a die change. However, there are circumstances where additional clearances are required.
Tooling – Retrofit Existing Tooling onto LTS Bars: As per conversations with customer, all tools to be run in this press already have a set of transfer tooling. Due to the quick nature of this quotation and also due to the lack of further information to provide a complete quotation for the end of arm tooling, it was decided that first step was to utilize the existing end-effectors attached.
Multi Pass-Line Adjustment
Parking In Front of Columns Option