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Blank De-Stack Feeders

Blank De-Stack

Linear produces both vacuum pick and place and magnetic overhead belt blank feeders that are as flexible and robust as our transfer automation. The systems are custom designed for each customer’s material handling needs. Linear has a high level of expertise in de-stacking both Ferris and non-Ferris material at maximum SPM requirements.

Magnetic Conveyor

The magnetic conveyor de-stack feeder, is an effective solution for running ferrous materials and is characterized by its high speed (40 SPM) capability. When used with a Linear Transfer Automation, this feeder is fully integrated with the transfer, providing the operator single point control over all the automation. It has integrated double blank sensing and is available with a number of material handling options to suit manufacturing plant and material handling process. The feeders are available in four sizes to suit any range of blanks. Sizes include: LTF-1000, LTF-2000, LTF-3000 and Titan Series®

Vacuum Pick and Place

The vacuum pick and place feeder is specifically developed for running non-ferrous materials. With our system, the same integration, stack handling options and size options are offered and combined with a vacuum “pick-and-place” actuator. With the variety of series offered, a suitable system is easily determined and integrated with any size press.