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Finger Tooling

Finger Tooling

Linear Transfer Automation Inc., supplies a complete line of tooling components and provides a wide variety of services for Transfer, De-Stacker and Tandem Line Systems.
As the source for optimum transfer system requirements, we know the sizing and capabilities of our systems best, therefore we can provide exactly the right tooling to meet the needs of our customers.

Serving industrial customers in the automotive, appliance and other industries that depend on making the right decision, we have grown to be recognized as the tooling partner of choice.

Furthermore, our variety of services assures our customers of equipment that runs at optimum speeds and efficiency.

   Floater Bases
   Floater Base Magnets
   Vacuum Generators
   Double Blank Sensors
   Part Detect Sensors
   Die Protection
   Suction Cups
   Servo-Pneumatic Rotation
  Finger Design & Manufacture
  Run Rate Analysis
  Recipe Tooling Optimization
  Gripper Design & Manufacture
  End Effector Design
  Die Analysis