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Touch Screen Interface

Linear’s controls have “SCADA” (Supervisory Control and Data Acquisition) based interface providing supervisory control of the entire line. This is a control system that is capable of monitoring equipment or processes, logging data and issuing errors if parameters go outside the limits.

Linear’s unique technology is “cammed” to the press, (it speeds up and slows down) working in unison with the press. From one touch screen, up to 42 axes of motion can be controlled.

All servomotors, drives and motion controllers are monitored and any error messages are accessible through the touch screen. These advanced troubleshooting features allow for quick pin pointing of errors and increase service efficiency and production uptime.

• Touch Screen HMI
• Unlimited Recipe Storage
• Fully Programmable
• Extensive Diagnostic Capabilities
• “SCADA” (Supervisory Control and Data Acquisition)
• Integrated Part Detection
• Integrated Die Protection
• Counter Balance Control
• Shut Height Control
• Feeder Control
• Remote Diagnostics
• Auxiliary Device Control (i.e. Lubrication, etc.)
• Recipe Optimization Capability