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Research and development at Linear Transfer Automation optimizes stamping productivity by focusing on delivering one thing to our customers: a robust transfer system that out-performs industry leading standards at a competitive price.

Finite Element Analysis

Linear’s unique processes and software such as Finite Element Analysis enables our engineers to push the limits of modern transfer system design – maximizing component rigidity and strength while minimizing mass and inertia. Material properties, component and material placement, machining and manufacturing methods are all considered in each transfer system design. The end result is a lightweight, low-inertia, and extremely rigid transfer system – a perfect combination for reliable, high-speed operation. Our experience with respect to system design optimization allows us to partner with the leading servo drive manufacturers in the world, utilizing the very latest generations in servo control technology.

Drive Train Sizing

Our drive train sizing software is tailored to each specific Linear transfer system style and model, predicting torque and force loading conditions with industry leading accuracy. With this technology, we can provide our customers with the ideal system that is required to optimize their application, at guaranteed production rates.

“Out of the box” Approach

Research and development at Linear Transfer Automation will continue its “out of the box” approach to new transfer system design and development. We will not be limited by constraints and conventions established by our competition. We are the industry leader and at the forefront of transfer system technology. By keeping our products on the cutting edge, we are securing a long and prosperous future for Linear and our customers. With Linear’s press automation equipment, our customers are kept a step ahead of the ever-increasing demands of today’s stamping industry.


The production environment is truly where our transfer technology is put to the test and it is our customers who witness the results – first hand. Feedback from our customer is extremely valuable to our Research and Development program. If you are a customer and have comments and/or suggestions, please fill out the form below.