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Through The Window, W-Class

W-Class, Through The Window

The Through The Window™ W-Class™ configuration is mounted on the sides of the press and the transfer bars extend through the window. With servo motor control of all axes for high speed and accuracy, our equipment is designed to provide easy access for fast die changeover and tooling adjustment. This easy to program, low maintenance system is available in four sizes to match the range of presses currently in the industry; LTS-1000, LTS-2000, LTS-3000 and Titan Series®.

As is standard with all Linear’s automation equipment, the Through the Window™ comes complete with touch screen control, and master encoder feedback. Die and programmable part detection is also standard on all systems, providing the optimum in press and tooling safety. Our systems store multiple tooling recipes for quick and easy recall facilitating quick die change over times.


• Automatic Transfer Bar Load/Unload System
• Stationary / Removable Parking Posts
• Teach Pendant Control (LCD Display)
• Press Pad Installation
• Remote Diagnostics Option (Standard)
• Recipe Optimization
• Transfer Bar Tooling/Transfer Bars Prepared & Assembled
• Die Analysis
• Pendant Console Feature
• Servo Part Rotation / Translations
• Tooling Startup Support Package
• Transfer Bar Tilt System
• Auxiliary Transfer Lift – Z2 (MD / FR) – One Side
• Tooling – Retrofit Existing Tooling onto LTS Bars
• Multi Pass-Line Adjustment
• Parking In Front of Columns Option