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The MD-Class, “multi-directional” is the most versatile and flexible system Linear has to offer. Typically installed on large bed presses the transfer can move payloads in excess of 1000lbs, including parts and tooling at rates greater than 30 SPM.

The MD-Class can run parts Left to Right, Right to Left, Back to Front or Front to Back. The grip, lift and pitch, can also be greater on one side than the other in either configuration. This motion can be changed from a standard 3 Axis mode to a 2 Axis mode, running grip and pitch with a push of a button.

Furthermore, a walking- beam/cross-bar motion “lift and pitch” can be created easily. These types of motions are common in the frame stamping industry, moving parts such as bumpers and large frame sections.

The most effective and efficient solution for stamped parts which are heavy and complex in nature, is to utilize options such as servo part rotation, and the multiple tool pass-line option with automatic bar parking.

Minimal labour is required increasing up time and decreasing down time due to excessive die and finger tooling change over time. Typically changeover times are as low as 8 minutes from hit to hit.

The MD-Class, Titan Series®, will park completely up and out of the way so die carting, lift truck clearance, die maintenance and die changeover functions are easily performed.

With a limited Life-Time Warranty and low maintenance requirements, the touch screen provides extensive easy to understand diagnostics including, maintenance schedules, part detection, die protection, batch counters, data logging and many other items associated with the stamping process from one control center.

(Patent Pending).


• Automatic Transfer Bar Load/Unload System
• Stationary / Removable Parking Posts
• Teach Pendant Control (LCD Display)
• Press Pad Installation
• Remote Diagnostics Option (Standard)
• Recipe Optimization
• Transfer Bar Tooling/Transfer Bars Prepared & Assembled
• Die Analysis
• Pendant Console Feature
• Servo Part Rotation / Translations
• Tooling Startup Support Package
• Transfer Bar Tilt System
• Auxiliary Transfer Lift – Z2 (MD / FR) – One Side
• Tooling – Retrofit Existing Tooling onto LTS Bars
• Multi Pass-Line Adjustment
• Parking In Front of Columns Option