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Tandem / Press Cell Integration

Tandem Press

Linear’s tandem press equipment is electronically cammed to the press, providing variable stroke and motion profiles. Our system is capable of running with presses in single shot mode, continuous mode and continuous on demand mode providing the flexibility to run at the highest possible speeds, all controlled from one touch screen.


• Automatic Transfer Bar Load/Unload System
• Stationary / Removable Parking Posts
• Teach Pendant Control (LCD Display)
• Press Pad Installation
• Remote Diagnostics Option (Standard)
• Recipe Optimization
• Transfer Bar Tooling/Transfer Bars Prepared & Assembled
• Die Analysis
• Pendant Console Feature
• Servo Part Rotation / Translations
• Tooling Startup Support Package
• Transfer Bar Tilt System
• Auxiliary Transfer Lift – Z2 (MD / FR) – One Side
• Tooling – Retrofit Existing Tooling onto LTS Bars
• Multi Pass-Line Adjustment
• Parking In Front of Columns Option

Press Cell Integration

Linear Transfer Automation Inc., integrates pressroom automation and technology systems. Linear provides complete manufacturing solutions to all metal stamping industries. Linear is committed to providing effective project management with single source responsibility, exceeding industry expectations.

Linear identifies the most effective equipment to suit individual application by thoroughly researching and analyzing process requirements, providing a turn-key solution. Our systems are designed and built to meet our customer’s requirements, efficiently, effectively, within budgets and on time. Our focus is on building strong relationships with our customers, enabling us to understand and meet their objectives. Linear integrates all pressroom equipment; making it possible for our customers to attain customized, turn-key systems, from a single source. Concerns such as multiple vendor interfacing, coordination and problem resolution, are eliminated. This saves time and money, and provides a faster delivery and installation.